A day at the Races

Chester for Europe were campaigning on the streets of Chester on yesterday (Saturday 28 September) – as we have been for the last 18 months. We were at our favourite location – The Cross, a central point which captures shoppers, tourists, visitors – and yesterday we had some racegoers too.

Chester has 15 race days each year, great sporting events and money spinners for our City. Of course, people can only attend because they have disposable income (what’s left after you’ve paid the Mortgage, Council Tax, Fuel Costs etc). In other words, the money that you have to enjoy yourself.

If only a small part of the Brexit No Deal warnings come to pass, disposable income will fall. Increases in the cost of living, a falling value of Sterling, job losses – any or all of these have been predicted by some of our most respected analysts and organisations.

It is of course a cycle – because next year there may be fewer racegoers, that equals less money spent in the pubs, restaurants and shops in our City. Reduced takings on their most profitable days leads those businesses to lay off staff, or not employ them in the first place – thereby further reducing the City’s economic activity in every sector. The only way out is more trade – but trade deals take years to negotiate. Anyone who suggests that Brexit is done if we leave on No Deal terms is a liar. Or, to use more polite language, is not telling the truth.

We’ve been tweeting this week about the #66million – the whole of the population of the UK, who will be affected if we leave without agreeing some basic trading relationships. No-one voted to be poorer, and that prospect was never discussed at the referendum. Neither was the prospect of not going to the races – because you can’t afford it.

66 million affected by Brexit.