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Past events

Fancy a drink with some pro-EU activists?

blast Boris

EU Election Hustings Event

eu hustings event

We held hustings for the EU election in May 2019.  You can view it on our You Tube Channel



Walk the Walls on Europe Day - 9 May 2019

Chester For Europe on an evening stroll around the Walls of Chester, to celebrate Europe Day.

activists at chester clock

March for the People's Vote


On Saturday 23 March,  200 members from Chester for Europe marched for a People’s Vote in London.  We joined up to 1.6 Million people coming together to protest against Brexit and for a better Britain in the EU, using our democratic rights to be heard. 

Here are a few images and a video link :

Getting ready

Event in Chester 6 Feb 19 - People's Vote: Get It, Win It!