General Election 2019

We are Political - Not Party Political

Make it Stop

Quite simply, we are sick and tired of Brexit, and don’t want to debate options after options, and versions after versions of Brexit, for years and years, to come. We believe the ‘Get Brexit Done’ message is a delusion. Brexit will not get done. It will last many years through the transition period and trade negotiations. We could still be in this position ten years from now.

It’s the only way that we can get life back to normal, and start discussing the important things that are really affecting our country. Like the state of our health and education service. Our jobs and livelihoods.

Tactical Voting

So you want to stop Brexit? And you have the right to vote at the 2019 UK General Election?

That means you might need to vote tactically to make sure pro-Brexit parties (essentially the Tories) do not win, and that pro-Remain parties do. The problem: which pro-Remain party is best placed to win in the constituency where you live? (Labour is not strictly speaking a Remain party, but is committed to a 2nd Referendum – that ought to be enough for our purposes)

Here are links to the main tactical voting sites – your vote is your choice, use it wisely.

If you want more information about tactical voting, read Jon Worth’s Tactical Voting Guide.

Students - this is for you ...

If you are a student your vote is especially powerful, because you can choose whether to vote at your home address, or where you live when you’re at university or college.

There’s a website just for you at with guidance on where and how to vote.

Above all – make sure you vote