Let Us Be Heard March – October 2019

On the 19th October 2019 we travelled from Cheshire on trains, coaches and automobiles for a Peoples Vote March to demand a chance to have a say on this Brexit shambles which threatens our jobs, our families, our rights and freedoms.

We had a little song or two on the way to pass the time on the road – you can read some of them here

We plunged into the march, we managed to get a little closer to the middle of the march than usual as many other groups were still assembling in the park. We walked quite freely until we got to the Hilton when we came to our first stop.

The crowd was friendly, peaceful, good humoured but serious mas determined. This was reflected in the placards I saw around me. Not as many lighthearted ones, many more serious points being made reflected our grave concerns.

The European Project that is now known as the EU has given us peace across Europe for 70 years, turned foes into friends, enabled peace on the island of Ireland. We care about our rights being removed and the threat of Brexit to our NHS.

It was hard to gauge how big the march was so I climbed up on a small wall to get an idea. It was a sea of people in all directions. It turns out that there was well over a million people.

We found out about 20 minutes after it happened about the Letwin Amendment passing. We were way back in the march and struggling to get signal but when we found out we huddled together discussing the meaning.

The Independent video of the March

We managed to get to a screen and saw some fabulous speeches. The MPs all told us that they could hear us in Parliament and they would support a Final Say.

Over a million of us came to London to demand a Peoples Vote. We care about our rights, our freedoms, our identities, our NHS, our EU27 citizens, we are exhausted but we have found renewed energy.

Incredible to watch the sea of people on the Peoples Vote March as we take part in the Brexit Debate.

As Nelson Mandela said, “the real makers of history are the ordinary men and women of our country” Politicians have got to give the public the final say.

As Led By Donkeys say so well – For the sake of the 66 Million let’s remain part of the 500 Million with our EU27 brothers and sisters.

It’s time for MPs to get this right. We can’t go into Boris Johnson’s rotten hard Brexit deal without examining it as a country and having a chance to reject it. His deal is not a compromise, it’s a hard Brexiters ideal with an added path to no-deal the ERG have boasted about.

It’s time for a Peoples Vote. Many have changed their minds.
Take some action –
Join us.
Write to your MP.
Visit your MP. (The link is for the Chester constituency).
It’s time they stopped ignoring us. The only way out of this crisis is a Final Say We have the best deal already. Let us prove it once and for all