Brexit – the inconvenient truth?

The spivs of brexit will have us believe they thought we were somehow cowed by the EU for 50 years whilst simultaneously being so important they would give them anything. I wonder why they would attempt to persuade everyone of these emotional reactions 🤔

Now I wonder why they would hide the reality of the gains and benefits and influence we enjoyed as a member country? Why would they want to damage our GDP and reduce our influence in the world

Drop in GDP

Could one reason be the Eu tax directives brought in this year?

Eu Directive
EU Directive

The brexit architects keep on lying. Here is some truth for you.

What does the EU do for us?

Maybe they just wanted to complete the right wing takeover started when they frightened David Cameron into holding a referendum the public didn’t want and didn’t need.

EU Anti tax avoidance directive

Keep following us for details of where we will be throughout the summer. You don’t have to stand for the snake oil, you can stand with us instead.

(This article was published on our Twitter page by Pilar, Chester for Europe campaigner)

Picnic in the Park


Chester for Europe campaignersChester for Europe group celebrated the 70th anniversary of the European Union in style with a picnic in Chester’s Grosvenor Park – marking ‘Europe Day’ day with a celebration of British and European food and produce- enjoyed by nationals from across the continent.

The event, on the Sunday 13th May, saw picnickers enjoy fine weather to mark the 70th anniversary of the first post-war initiative for European unity and peace in The Hague in 1948.

Activists joined many others holding similar picnics all over the UK, to celebrate the economic and cultural benefits of EU membership. People of various nationalities came together to share various European foods including Spanish, French, Greek and Italian dishes alongside British produce in a celebration of the diverse food cultures of Europe.

Chester for Europe picnickers also discussed concerns with many passers-by worried over the future of their rights to work and travel freely, including many UK residents and a range of European nationals visiting Chester.

Commenting on the day, event organiser and Chester for Europe Member, Yvonne Hay said:

“I was pleased to see almost continental weather on the day, allowing many events such as this to go ahead and send a message to Downing Street that people value their EU membership.

“A growing number of people are becoming concerned over their rights to right to work, study and live in Europe. Some worried that retirement plans to retire in the sun would no longer be possible. Right now, everybody has these rights – and can easily experience the food and culture of 27 of our nearest neighbour nations; in the future this may not be guaranteed.”

“As a group we are calling on the Government to allow a People’s Vote on the final deal, so they can weigh whatever deal the government comes up with against the benefits they already enjoy. The people began the process, and they should have the final say.”

Fellow activist and picnicker Pete Fryer, also commented:

It was great to celebrate Europe Day in this way, with everyone putting aside their worries to enjoying the sunshine and make many new friends”.

“Many People from all different backgrounds were drawn to the EU flags and came over to chat to us and take leaflets about the group.

“I was struck by the positive reception we received by members of the public increasingly concerned for the future.

“We met one couple – a British Man and his French wife worried that if they left the country whether her residency status would allow her back in. This means they daren’t risk visiting family for fear of not getting back in.

“This is just one story of many where people’s lives are already being affected. We plan to put an end to this uncertainty with events across the summer – during which we hope this lovely weather remains.”