The corporate tragedy of Brexit

Whilst these things are rarely simple, a Thomas Cook profits warning in May 2019 clearly cites Brexit and the problems that made in the environment as a big factor. As the announcement of the company closure unfolds, it is a very sad day for the owners, employees here and overseas, the hotels and supply chains.

Here in Cheshire we need to realise that a move or shut down of some of our substantial local automotive industry thanks to bad Brexit trading conditions will leave thousands of our friends and neighbours in similar disarray.

We don’t want to be sitting watching a corporate tragedy unfolding on our doorsteps watched by the country as our jobs are frittered and gambled away on an extraordinary act of national self harm. Real people have to pay the price for this madness.

What is Brexit for? It seems to me the only evidence we have so far is to waste our money on damage limitation and propagandist TV campaigns and job losses and redundancies all so that the Tories could resolve their inner conflict in 2015.

Why do you want to be caught in the crossfire? Why do you want to part of this either with your silence as or even willing participation? Some billionaires told you that you’d be better off not that you would lose your local job!

Join us today and help us fight. Help us stop turning our region into just another tragic job losing set of statistics and a footnote in history.

(This article was published on our Twitter page by Pilar, Chester for Europe campaigner)

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